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Striving To Save You Time And Expense During Your Real Estate Closing

Purchasing a home or investment property is a big step, and mistakes can prove costly. You want to make sure everything goes smoothly, that you have good title to your property and that there are no unwanted delays or surprises at closing.

A thorough title examination can sometimes be worth more than title insurance. Title insurance can cover most title problems, but resolving a title problem through a title insurance claim can take months, costing property owners opportunities to buy or sell and incurring interest expenses as well as emotional stress. A thorough title examination from a properly trained real estate attorney who pays close attention to detail can resolve a problem before you ever close, rather than you having to deal with it after you buy.

Our real estate attorneys at McMahan Perry & Phillips, LLC, have years of experience, knowledge and training. We carefully examine real estate titles to prevent problems from arising and give buyers and lenders peace of mind. We perform diligent title examinations, scrutinizing deeds and documents in the chain of title for potential issues well in advance of closing. Our focus is to uncover and resolve any potential title problems before closing to ensure that the title is good and to make sure your closing happens on time.

We Know How Important Your Real Estate Transaction Is

The purchase and sale of a parcel of real property is very personal and important to the lives of buyers and sellers. A closing attorney only has one client at a real estate closing – the lender if there is a purchase money loan involved or the purchaser if there is no loan involved. Nevertheless, there are many parties to a closing. Therefore, first-rate customer service to all parties is our priority. Our staff is responsive and knowledgeable. If you call or email, we will respond cheerfully. And if you have a question or concern, we will address it. We are proactive with work product and communications to make sure that if a closing is delayed, it is not due to the performance of our staff. Realtors, brokers, lenders, buyers and sellers can expect kindness, responsiveness and a willingness to do what it takes to get their transactions closed.

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