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For Paternity And Legitimacy Matters, Turn To Us

When a child is born out of wedlock, there can be legal questions surrounding who is the biological father and what parental rights he has. Georgia has two levels of recognition in these situations: paternity and legitimacy. These processes can be important for a father to gain custody or for a child to obtain the benefits they are eligible to receive.

From our Carrollton office, McMahan Perry & Phillips, LLC, offers trusted guidance for both mothers and fathers on paternity, legitimation and other important family law matters. We take every possible step to protect your parental rights and secure an outcome that reflects your interests.

What Are Paternity And Legitimacy?

Paternity establishes who the biological father of a child is. These proceedings can be initiated by the child, the mother, close family members who are caring for the child or the Department of Human Services. Once paternity is established, the father may be obligated to pay child support payments to the mother/individuals caring for the child.

Legitimacy establishes the legal relationship between the father and the child. Unlike paternity, only the father can initiate legitimacy proceedings. If he is successful when claiming legitimacy, the father may become eligible for custody and visitation rights.

Attorneys Who Work With Your Needs In Mind

Both biological parents have a right to remain involved in a child’s life after a divorce. Taking the time to formalize your relationship through paternity and legitimacy can strengthen these parental bonds. Our lawyers will help you determine the best course of action to achieve your wishes when navigating this complex process.

If you reside in Carroll County or throughout west Georgia, we invite you to schedule an initial, confidential case review with our team. Please call 678-664-4360 or contact us through our website’s online form.