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How can I prepare for divorce with a special-needs child?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and trying time, even if there are no children involved at all. Children being involved makes the situation eminently more complicated, and if one or several of those children happen to have special needs the situation becomes even murkier. You will need to make additional provisions if you are getting a divorce in Georgia and have a child with special needs. According to the Autism Awareness Community in Action, forming a special trust is vital.

A special trust is designed to provide monetary support for your child in the event of you or your ex-spouse’s death. The special trust should be listed as a beneficiary of any 401K that either party possesses. It should also be the beneficiary of any life insurance plans. Also, if you do not hold a life insurance plan or your ex-spouse does not, now is the time to get one. Creating the special trust should be done as soon as possible, particularly if your ex-spouse has addiction issues.

Another thing that is vital is a solid parenting plan. Even parents of non-special needs children should have a parenting plan in place, but special needs children require more facilitation.For instance, both parents need to agree on medical care for the child in question and agree that both parties will continue the same routine of care no matter where the child is living.

Having signed agreements on medical procedures is also necessary. It has happened before where one parent decides that they do not want to pay for current medical procedures and decides to take the child for a second opinion. This can cause additional legal battles. If a special diet is needed, this should also be agreed upon.