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3 important points about child custody all parents should know

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | child custody & visitation

Custody is a tough issue during a divorce in Georgia. It can bring out serious emotions and long held issues. The main goal, though, should be doing what is best for your children. As long as you focus on them, it should make it easier to work together to find the right parenting plan for your family. After all, even though your marriage is ending, your children will still see you as mom and dad.

The Georgia.gov website explains there are many details to child custody in the state. You want to have some understanding of the process and how things work before you start discussing things with your children’s other parent. This can help make the process go a little smoother.

You child may have input

It may not just be you and your spouse who will figure out custody arrangements. Children who are 14 or older do have the right to express your choice of who they will live with. They may also request custody changes every two years.

The judge makes the decision

The judge will make the final custody ruling. You cannot change or modify this ruling without showing there have been significant changes in your situation. However, before making a decision, the judge will give you a chance to offer your own parenting plan, so take advantage of that to help things end up working for both of you. Working together will accomplish much more and produce better results.

The parenting plan

You need to go to court ready to show the judge you can work together for the good of your children. You want to have some information ready to go. This includes the following:

  • Holiday and vacation schedule
  • Visitation schedule
  • Communication plan
  • Transportation arrangements

Deciding custody issues is not always easy, but the bottom line is things go much better when you work together instead of against each other.