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Tips for telling kids about an upcoming divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | divorce

Parents can sometimes have difficult discussions with their kids, ranging from the death of a grandparent to why people receive different treatment due to being part of a minority group. Another hard conversation is breaking the news that mom and dad are getting divorced and starting new separate lives in Georgia.

Psychology Today provides parents with a few insights on how to talk about divorce with young children. Hopefully, the tips can ease the conversation and make things better for everyone involved.

Break the news together

Parents should be sure they wait until they are both physically present before telling kids about their split. Doing so helps set the tone that mom and dad want to work together to be there for their kids after their divorce.

Keep it simple

Much like Today’s Parent points out, kids of different ages do not handle the news of a divorce the same way. It is often best to stick to the bullet points about why the divorce is happening. Sometimes, kids do not need to know all the details and stress that brought their parents to their decision.

Give kids a chance to speak and process

Kids will, undoubtedly, have plenty of questions surrounding divorce and life after divorce. Parents should let their kids know it is okay for them to ask questions and express how they feel about the news.

Focus on the positives

Parents should focus on the positives of the split. There is likely to be less stress in the house, mom and dad may be happier apart overall and they may have a better relationship with their kids after getting divorced.

No matter a child’s age, parents should make it clear that she or he has loving and caring parents. Focusing more on the family and removing personal emotions from the equation can be of immense help.