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Helping families through changes after divorces

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | modifications to family law orders

A divorce is a terminal event. It brings a marriage to its legal end and allows the two parties who were once joined together to move forward in life as single individuals.

Life continues after divorce for Georgia residents who choose to use the legal process, and sometimes the paths that their lives take require them to revisit the decisions they made when they ended their marriages.

For example, when a person and their ex-spouse decided to divorce, they may have agreed to a child custody plan that split their children’s time between their homes. If one of the parents later decided that they would have to move for their career, it would become necessary for them to revisit their custodial plans and establish new expectations for the continuing care of their kids.

Similarly, if a person became obligated to a support payment as a result of their divorce, they may find that after losing their job that they are no longer to keep up with those requirements. They may need to modify the terms of their support plan to find a better way to provide for those who count on them as well as maintain their own financial stability.

Change is a part of life whether a person has a divorce in their past or not. When changes impact divorce-related agreements and orders, the attorneys of McMahan, Perry & Phillips are available to provide guidance and support to those who need to seek modifications. Modifications should be done through the courts rather than through informal discussions and the attorneys of the firm are ready to take on new clients in this important capacity.