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Legal advocates for fair property and debt division outcomes

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | property & debt division

Dividing up martial property pursuant to a Georgia divorce can be a difficult process. Individuals may struggle to say goodbye to items they own with their soon-to-be exes due to sentimental connections or because of anger over losing out at benefiting from those items.

While in some cases couples are able to work out their own property settlements without the interventions of the courts, in other situations judges must make the tough decisions over how items of property are assigned to the parties to ending marriages.

Therefore, regardless of how a property division process resolves, it is in the interests of a Georgia resident to be prepared to advocate for their own interests and rights. That can mean holding firm when it comes to categorizing property as either separate or marital, knowing what property is good to maintain in the future, and recognizing what property battles are not worth fighting.

The attorneys of McMahan, Perry & Phillips understand that dealing with one’s debts and assets pursuant to a divorce can be financially and emotionally draining. The dedicated legal professionals of the firm are ready to walk their divorce clients through the many decisions that they may have to make in order to end their marriages with fair property and debt division results.

Property division is only one part of the bigger divorce picture and the law firm of McMahan, Perry & Phillips is committed to supporting its clients through each aspect of their marital dissolution. To begin learning about how the firm may support readers’ family law needs, interested parties may navigate to the law firm of McMahan, Perry & Phillips online to begin their journey.