Child custody orders and agreements are intended to serve the best interests of the children who are subject to their terms. While in some cases Georgia parents may be able to create sound parenting plans that withstand the test of time and meet their children’s needs long into the future, in other cases child custody agreements and orders may become unworkable due to changes in circumstance experienced by the parties.

A change in the lifestyle of a parent may necessitate a child custody modification. If, for example, a parent is required to move away from their home for their job and doing so will limit the amount of time that they can spend with their child, their custody plan may need to be modified to ensure that they have a continuing relationship with their kid.

Also, a change in the health or needs of a child may require parents to look at their child custody agreement and to alter it so that their child’s best interests are met. A child who suffers from an illness or who requires specific care may need to spend more time in one parent’s household than is stipulated in their custody plan; in order to serve their children’s needs, parents may have to accept changes to the plans that govern their custodial rights.

In the end, courts will allow child custody agreements and orders to be changed if those changes serve the best interests of the kids. Such plans are in place to make sure that kids get the love and support that they deserve from their parents. Readers who need more information about this important topic should discuss their concerns and expectations with their family law attorneys.