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Can mediation work for you in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

One thing about divorce, it can be an emotional and stressful process. One way you can side-step some of the weight of pain you feel during a divorce is going through mediation. Mediation is a process where a third-party will come in and facilitate the discussions to reach a mutual separation agreement. Mediation is valuable in coming up with solutions such as spousal support and child custody. Using mediation is an alternative to going through divorce court. Once both parties have come to an agreement on terms, it can make the final steps of the divorce much easier.

Using a mediator means you will have a person assisting in your divorce who is an objective party. It is a forum where you work to clear up any pending issues and work out any lingering disagreements. A mediator is there to give opinions and offer suggestions in hopes of finding a solution. The mediator is not there to force any type of agreement for the parties.

If mediation does not work, then you may have to go to court to finalize the divorce. However, court proceedings can be a long and arduous process, so here are a few advantages to choosing divorce mediation.

You can save time and money – When mediation is successful, you avoid divorce court which can not only take you away from work but can be a long process that will likely include your attorney for the duration.

Mediations goal is to be fair – A mediator does not choose sides and has no interest in winners and losers. A mediator works on the basis that there is a fair outcome. Since a mediator is looking at your divorce from the outside, it can be easier for them to find solutions that may not be seen by the divorcing parties who may make decisions based on emotion.

It is a confidential process – What is being said with the mediator present is not being held in a public forum with a court reporter taking everything down. There should be no worries about sensitive information being leaked to family or friends.

You are in control – Mediation allows the divorcing parties to come up with their own solutions with the help of the mediator. This takes out the possibility of a judge making the decisions for them.

One thing you will want to do prior to a divorce mediation  is have full knowledge of your personal situation. You may want to work with your attorney to make sure every issue that needs to be addressed will have an equal and fair outcome for you. This will include knowing about finances, marital property, debt and child support/custody.

Mediation does not offer a guarantee that it will work, but if both you and your spouse have a willingness to give it a try means that you both are looking for a rational process to reach a conclusion.