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Many factors influence the length of a no-fault divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | divorce

Most divorces here in Georgia are no-fault. Such divorces are based on the general ground of a marriage being “irretrievably broken,” and no fault needs to be proven for the divorce to go through. How long does a no-fault divorce take?

Well, the bare minimum here in Georgia is about a month after filing. This is because Georgia law limits how quickly a court can finalize a no-fault divorce. Specifically, courts are generally required to wait no less than 30 days after the divorce filing is served to the other spouse to make a divorce final.

Now, how much time beyond this minimum a no-fault divorce takes varies from case to case. A variety of factors can influence how long the process ends up taking.

For one, the amount and complexity of the issues raised in a divorce has a big impact on this front. What issues come up in a divorce depends on the circumstances of the divorcing couple. For example, if the couple has children, issues like child support and child custody will generally be added to the list. Also, how complex property division matters get in a divorce can depend on the type and amount of assets the couple owns.

Additionally, what methods divorcing couples use for resolving the issues in their divorce can impact the length of the divorce. There are a variety of potential routes for addressing such issues, including negotiation, mediation and litigation. These methods vary in many ways, including the amount of time they usually take.

How contentious a divorce is can also be impactful in this regard. Generally, contentious divorces tend to go on longer. This is why avoiding unnecessary conflict in divorces can be beneficial.

As many things can impact the length of a no-fault divorce, many things can impact what types of strategies would best promote a person’s interests and well-being during a divorce. Skilled divorce lawyers can help individuals find the strategies right for their situation.