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Insisting on following a parenting plan is not just being picky

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | child custody & visitation

Once a parenting plan is put in to place by the Georgia courts, both parents have the right to expect that the other parent will follow it in detail. They also of course have an obligation to follow the terms of the plan themselves.

Still, a parent in the area of Carrollton might not want to insist on every detail in the plan. For instance, plans often include language that says the other parent cannot make negative or critical remarks about the other parent, but a parent for the sake of peace may be willing to let this go. They may even not insist upon the visitation time in the child custody and visitation order.

It is true that sometimes the advice not to sweat the small stuff applies, but it is also important to remember that insisting on the details of a parenting plan is not just a matter of being picky.

The parenting plan is, after all, there to make sure children have a relationship with both of their parents. This is not only good for the parents but also for the children themselves.

In fact, when one parent either outright or more subtly tries to thwart a parenting plan or sever the relationship between the child and the other parent, the child can develop a mental health condition called parental alienation syndrome. For this reason, some experts have even described obstructive behavior on the part of a parent as a form of child abuse.

While this is certainly not the fault of a parent who is being obstructed by the other parent, it is an additional incentive for them to assert their rights to visitation and, in some cases, custody. They can do so with the help of Carrollton, Georgia, child custody and visitation attorneys.